Why did my event end prematurely?

If you find that events are ending prematurely (for example, an event scheduled for 60 minutes ends after only 3 minutes), you may be affected by an issue identified by our engineering team.  Please see below:

On a minority of units, it appears that the connection between the AA battery and the metal battery terminal can be intermittent.  This is not a big deal when the the valve is off; there is reserve power that will kick in if the the power is intermittent.  But, when the valve is on, there is no reserve power.  A very brief loss of power will cause the valve to reboot; and the first thing the valve does when it reboots is to close the valve.  When it does, an “event complete” notification is sent.

The easiest remedy is to use needle nose pliers to gently stretch out the two springs that contact the AAs to about 1.5 times their current free length.  Can you do that if you continue to experience issues with events ending early?

On the next version of the HW we will add a bit of reserve power to the valve (when it is open) to overcome tiny periods of power loss.

john hanna